Since the release of Vera Wang’s new black bridal range last week, I’ve been considering the debate over whether a bride should really wear black on her wedding day.

Now, there’s no doubt that these Vera Wang creations are amazing, beautiful and unique but I know lots of brides (and grooms!) wouldn’t even consider these when choosing the dress for their special day. A friend of mine was desperate to wear black, complete with veil, but her husband firmly stated he wouldn’t turn up if she walked up the aisle in it!!  A slight over-reaction? Here at Retro Brides we certainly encourage individuality, uniqueness, an approach which doesn’t fit the cookie cutter wedding we see so often so we are delighted that such a fantastic designer continues to exhibit such fabulous designs in the negative of the norm. But who else do you consider when making a brave choice? We all know the fallout weddings can create over the smallest things – “Auntie Maureen hasn’t been invited”, “you’re having what as your first dance?” etc. etc. Goodness me, I know the reactions I endured when telling people I *brace yourselves* wasn’t hiring a wedding car!!! Or hiring someone to design overly expensive table names for me! So choosing a black dress, I can see, would be a huge scandal in some families and you may end up being less black swan; more black sheep!

But hey, we all know the day is about you and your betrothed to be. Standing up for your choices and being brave enough to stick two fingers up at anyone who might raise that eyebrow in your direction is the way forward people. Go ahead black swans, and wear that dress with pride!