Well, what a day. Having banged on recently about the wonderfully scrumptious, lovely people I’ve met since being involved in the wedding industry, there’s been a lot of ugliness about on a dreary Saturday morn.

There’s been incrimination, retaliation, speculation and probably lots of other things ending in “tion”…… but now, I’ve decided it’s boring. We don’t need telling to “play nice”, we are adults for goodness sake. Or are we? I do wonder whether some people have forgotten that this isn’t a playground – but then I find myself repeating words in a previous post about blogging fallout

On a day when multiple deaths have been confirmed on our roads and old men are selling poppies on the high street, I think we should all just stop and consider what we are really arguing about here: a bloody petticoat. Get a grip, people, this is reality, whether you’re twittering or Facebooking, please consider it in the whole scheme of things and think twice before pressing that send button.

OK, I’m the first to complain about “celebrity” bloggers – those who appear more concerned about the stroking of their ego more than the real people involved and I really can see how it gets people’s backs up. But then again, in a fickle word such as this, I believe in the old adage: “Be nice to people on the way up because you might just meet them on your way down”. What goes around comes around and I, for one, truly believe that.

So yes, let’s all shake hands or pinky fingers and promise to “make up, make up…..” or maybe let’s all just grow the hell up and act like the intelligent adults we are! Is that too much to ask?