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Eventful. That would be one word to describe 2011. And that would be a bit of an understatement! This time last year, I wasn’t even engaged. Now, in December, we’ve been married four months already! Who knows where the time goes as Fairport Convention once said (love that song!)

So, to celebrate some of my favourite moments of 2011, I’ve put together this little calendar of memorable events & the fantastic experiences I’ve had this year, all set to some of my favourite music (most of which featured heavily at our wedding!)

8th Feburary 2011

My phone inexplicably dies while at work but I don’t notice til I’m nearly home. Fed up, stuck at traffic lights after a long day at work, I happen to glance at my phone and realise it’s not working and manage to reboot it. I receive about six various messages including a somewhat unusual text from Chris asking me if I wanted to meet him for dinner as I’d “had a hard time recently at work” and to text him to let him know. As I was pretty much home, I didn’t bother but headed straight to our bungalow to find him on the phone to his friend who lives in Dubai (it turns out he was the only person Chris had told as he was desperate for him to be at the wedding!). Thinking it was a bit odd that he’d asked to go out on a school night (he’s quite a homely boy really!), and maybe a bit odder when he said we were going to this particular pub where we’d not been back to since first getting together 14 months earlier, I get myself changed and we head to the pub. Chris suggests we sit outside – really? It’s February and bloody freezing!! But we do and I notice what an amazingly clear sky it was and that the stars are dazzling. As I’m still wondering at this fact, Chris disappears to his car *to get his lighter* – hmmmmm. With my back still to him, he mumbles something like “Well, there’s no easy way to say this…….” quickly followed by “Will you marry me?”……..

5th March 2011

Our joint engagement & (my) birthday party! Was so lovely getting everyone together to celebrate our engagement. Chris very reluctantly gave a little speech that made me cry a bit!

March 2011 onwards!

Planning was the main aim of the game, now that we’d decided to get married just six months later! So our lives were turned into little wedding lands and off we went! You guys know the rest!!

August til now……

Crazy times since the wedding – I decided to start hiring out our gorgeous china, organised my first vintage wedding fair and started writing this little blog. I can’t believe it was only 3 months ago that I was catapulted into the wedding industry! I have met some of the most amazingly talented, beautiful people and I will share my absolutely new best buddies here. Thank you to everyone of you who have transformed my life in so many ways!

Laura – an amazing photographer who I got talking to on Twitter and became mates with! Laura & I will be running The Wedding Project at Sutton House in March next year which is going to be freakin’ awesome!

Hannah – I went to one of Hannah’s vintage hair & make up courses in October and was blown away by her. She’s so inspirational – running her own business working crazy hours but always has so much time for everyone and is just the loveliest person I know! Looking forward to working with her more in the new year!

Ayten – Another completely inspirational woman I have met this year. Ayten is so kind and let me interview her for one of my first pieces for the blog. She is an amazing role model for aspiring British designers and business women alike.

So, to all you amazing wedding businesses out there – this one’s for you!