As I mentioned on Sunday, I have some very exciting projects in the pipeline for the new year and wanted to share one of them with the lovely Retro Bride readers – I am sure you are going to love it!

My little journey towards the new project

In November last year, I decided to stop spending my Sundays staring into space watching silent brides and grooms-to-be wandering through a room glancing at rows of run of the mill stalls at wedding fairs. Some would look over, I would smiling insanely and then chat away because I’d not spoken to anyone for four hours and desperately wanted some human interaction! But mostly these encounters were reminiscent of when someone approaches your stand at a bootfair (not that any of my stalls have ever resembled a bootfair stall, I assure you!) and you don’t quite know whether to talk to them or not…….but you’ve stepped forward now so really you have to follow your awkward stumble with some inane remark like “When are you getting married?” or worse “What’s your theme?” (bleurgh).

And to make matters worse, I was generally paying over £150 for the pleasure of not talking to anyone, not having the chance to promote my business (Calamitea Jane’s Tea Parties, if you didn’t already know ;)) and being bored out of my brain for the day. So, I decided, this had to stop! I knew, from my own wedding, that there were hundreds of amazingly talented wedding suppliers and providers in my area but where was the opportunity for them to truly showcase their fabulous products to the brides?! And where were the brides? So I had a go at organising a fair myself – a fair that would select the very best vintage inspired suppliers from the South East, put them in beautiful surroundings and promote it like mad to those lovely engaged couples!

Funnily enough, they brides were out there – they just needed something different to the outdated wedding show affair that had become the norm. We had over 240 visitors through the door, including 120 brides and received some absolutely amazing feedback from exhibitors about the responses they had received.

which leads me onto my new project…………eeeek!!!!!

The Wedding Project at Sutton House 11th March 2012

For this new project, my friend Laura, of Just-Married Photography, is introducing me to the world of East London for us to bring the very first interactive wedding fair with a vintage feel to the area. This fair will be an even more “hands on” opportunity for the handmade bride who loves a DIY element to their special day. So, not only will it be a showcase for the most beautiful products & services around, but it will be an opportunity for the crafty bride and groom to learn a new skill which they can utilise for their own wedding.

We are just in the process of finalising the selection of workshops but it will include felt flower making for the bridal party, paper crafting for creating stylish stationery and fascinator and millinery workshops! So many opportunities to make something truly personal for your wedding day!

We can’t wait to get a final timetable put together for the day so those eager brides and grooms can select their favourite craft! Just keep checking this space for more information as well as our Facebook page here.

We can’t wait to meet all you fabulously creative brides (and grooms) to-be on the day!