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Yawn. That’s generally how I feel when I see the usual display of shoes in a bridal shop. Yawner still when I open most wedding magazines. There are a handful of beautiful shoe designers out there: Rachel Simpson & Hetty Rose, to name but a few. However, the world of wedding shoes really is somewhat lacking and, certainly when I was searching for my wedding shoes, I found the market seriously narrow for real inspiration.

Recently, I put a call out to photographers and brides to share any unusual or different wedding shoes they had see or worn themselves.

 Lo and behold, I’m never let down by the amount of creative individuals out there who are obviously as frustrated as I was when it came to bridal shoes and went for something slightly out of the ordinary for their special day. In amongst them, was also the very shoes which I very nearly went for myself – from the fabulous Irregular Choice!

My wedding shoes ended up being quite plain (what a let down!) but this was more to do with trying to find something classic to go with my 50s Hollywood style dress. I very nearly went for these amazing Vivienne Westwood’s but chickened out in the end as I wasn’t certain the PVC would really fit the rest of the look!

Photos courtesy of:

Jane Alexander @ www.ja-photos.com

Betti Confetti @ www.betticonfetti.com @Betti_Confetti


Kirill Teslia @ www.film-photography.com

Thankfully, our best man blew everyone away with his spanglers and ended up being the best man with the best shoes!

Huge thank you to Jane, Gemma @ Betti Confetti & Kirill for their gorgeous photography! xx