For those of you who missed it (where were you?) I wrote a little guest post for the amazing Adore By Chloe blog last Monday. I love Chloe’s blog, especially as it promotes so many DIY projects which truly make couple’s weddings personal and unique. So when Chloe asked me to write a guest post, I was absolutely thrilled and immediately jumped at the chance!

I thought I would share my post with you today and would love it if you would leave some comments either here or on Chloe’s blog. We really want to hear from other DIY brides & grooms, with pictures too, of how you have personalised your special day. So get in touch! Much love, RB xx

Be true to you ~ personalising your special day

I’ve tried to somehow condense my thoughts and contain my bursting enthusiasm to randomly shout at anyone planning their wedding to do what you want! OK, so it might not always be that easy, but hopefully you’ll find some reassurance in this post that making choices which may seem out of the ordinary really is the way to go!

My husband and I have never been the types to follow trends, so when we were planning our wedding there was no way we were going to be railroaded into having anything that wasn’t “us”. Because we’re both stuck in the past and highly nostalgic, our wedding had to have a vintage feel. And as my husband is also a Ford aficionado, his beloved Capri was to be the wedding car and our table names were set. My love for 60s china led us nicely into the decision to have a tea party as our wedding breakfast and our evening meal was a BBQ cooked by our friends, with even the BBQ shelter (complete with fairy-lights brought back from Dubai!) being built by friends in the run up to the wedding! My very talented sister-in-law took our daisy theme for the flowers and used it to create a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake. Finally, my husband’s interest in the classic show Prisoner inspired us to honeymoon in Portmeirion!

Anyone who may have read my (tiny) blog will know I’m passionate about one thing when it comes to weddings – choice. Choice, that is, for the bride and groom-to-be to plan their day their way. A wedding is (usually) one day. One. One day on which you will look back for the rest of your life, show photos and videos to your children and grandchildren and reminisce about with your betrothed. So, for goodness sake, make it the one day you get to choose what you want. Yes, it gets complicated – Auntie Maureen needs to be invited because she used to change your nappies and Bob needs to sit next to Janet (who’s Bob, you may think as you grit your teeth against another family backlash……). But when it comes to detail, you CAN have what you want. In fact, you MUST. So, here are my 7 steps which I hope will help visionary brides-to-be achieve their dreams:

  • Don’t fall into traps set by others. Guess what? You don’t have to have anything you don’t want. You will raise eyebrows, but people quickly get over it when they attend a really personal wedding.
  • Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t normally. My heart sinks when I see poor grooms-to-be shoehorned into morning suits. If your other half is a surfer, never out of shorts, why would you suddenly dress him like an extra from a Fred Astaire film?
  • DIY as much as you can (that you, or others, can do well!). Obviously DIY isn’t for everyone – I admit I’m no Kirsty Allsop, but asking those talented friends & family to get involved is what a wedding is all about!
  • Don’t stick to tradition (if you don’t want to). Traditions are great if that’s what you’re all about, but if you’re not, then why be constrained? Free yourself and be brave.
  • Reflect your personalities in the detail. Do you work in a pet shop? No? Then why have a fishbowl? Choose something which represents a hobby, maybe, the quirkier the better!
  • Be firm with your photographer. They are there to capture you at your best. Peeking round a tree with your new husband or awkwardly being carried by the ushers really won’t do that!
  • Use independent suppliers. There are so many amazingly talented bespoke folk out there just waiting to beautify your special day. Little details such as handmade stationery or personalised bunting will have people talking about your wedding for years to come. People always remember what’s different.

So remember, make your theme you. It’s your day. Do it your way.