Good morning, lovely readers. I have another beautiful inspirational website for you all to drool over today – the gorgeous Doily Days!

This is another success story of how a forthcoming wedding can be the inspiration behind a brand new business adventure. However, Helen’s story is a little unusual for a wedding blog in that there was no wedding at the end of it. But I, for one, am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and, for Helen, the end of her relationship was just the beginning of something amazing…..

Over to Helen from the beautiful Doily Days:

I got engaged at the end of 2008 on my 29th birthday. We’d been together for seven years and it seemed like the obvious thing to do. Things were a bit up in the air with our jobs, living arrangements etc but we pushed on – perusing wedding mags, writing the guestlist, choosing bridesmaids/best man etc.

One of my big passions is vintage and retro and I distinctly remember the day I stood in the local charity shop mesmerised by some beautiful vintage sideplates (a selection of mismatched plates). I bought them, carefully wrapped them in newspaper and proudly showed my Mum telling her about the great idea I’d had to collect them and use them at the wedding. She was inspired and set to work collecting more and more bits of beautiful bone china for me. My fiancé on the other hand was not so enamoured.

He never really ‘got’ the vintage thing, the more and more china I collected the more and more delighted I was and the more he started looking at me like I was mad. While I was seeing the collection as cool and quirky he was looking at it like a pile of old rejects at a jumble sale. I think he started to feel like he was engaged to a bag lady!

I was working for an event company in London at the time but I wasn’t enjoying it. I felt like I was chained to my desk/telephone, doomed to a world of sales targets and fierce competition. So I quit, got a job in the local pub and the foundations for Doily Days were put in place.

I have never looked back, the business has gone from strength to strength and we now offer VW campervan hire, wedding favours (jars of sweets, jam and chutney), catering (festival canapés, afternoon tea and hog roasts), flowers etc etc. I incorporated the business in May 2009, the relationship continued until January 2010 before we decided to go our separate ways. The irony is I’ve been single ever since but now spend my entire life surrounded by wedding magazines, at wedding fairs, consulting with happy couples…. I work from home so my office/flat is rather a scary place for a potential boyfriend!

A big thank you to Helen for sharing her story – we just love Doily Days and can’t wait to see more from this inspirational lady in the future!