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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the silence on here for a while. I’ve been rushed off my feet organising The Wedding Project 2012 at Sutton House! Brides to be – you seriously need to come along to this event if you love crafty, vintage weddings! Read about it all here www.londonweddingproject.wordpress.com

I had a splendid weekend! Not only did my beautiful best friend have a healthy baby boy, but I was lucky enough to attend one of the fantastic facemask workshops at the Lush store in Romford!

Everyone’s heard of Lush. And even if you’ve never stepped foot inside a Lush store, you will have smelt the amazing aromas wafting down the high street all around the UK. An ethical company with amazing social responsibility producing just the ultimate in handmade fresh cosmetics and a pleasure to work with!  But did you know that alongside selling their gorgeous products, they offer a wide variety of workshop and party packages? And that they currently have a promotion with Clipper Tea for a FREE workshop and facemask in store! (click here for full details)

We love Lush at Retrospective Bride and are very excited that our sister company Calamitea Jane’s will be working more closely with them in future to offer a great combination of vintage tea party with the ultimate in pampering! (click here for more details).

Manager of the Romford store, Jamie, was kind enough to invite me along to take part and share with you guys how things work as well as share some lovely pics of what goes on in those amazing smelling shops! We had great fun making the facemask, cleansing, toning and moisturising before trying it out! It was so much fun and I’d highly recommend it to anyone for any celebration!

Here is how it works, step by step:

1. Arrival & Tea!

The lovely staff greet you by making a wonderful green tea with lemon to enjoy while you’re working and you can find your seat around the “kitchen table” of gorgeous goodies used to make the facemask.

2. Making the facemask!

Get involved by pouring, mixing, crushing and stirring the wet and dry ingredients all together. We made the Catostrophe Cosmetic facemask packed full of juicy blueberries! It was great fun mixing it all together to make the wonderfully scented mask!

3. Cleansing and toning

We used the gorgeous Ultrabland cleanser and toner to remove all make up before applying the facemask. I’ve since purchased both these products and they are amazing! My husband has actually commented on how pretty I look the last few days so I’m putting that down to my new Lush regime (or is he just after something?)!

4. Applying the facemask

The Catastrophe Cosmetic facemask smells beautiful and feel great on the skin. It doesn’t dry out too much when wearing so isn’t uncomfortable like some masks. You can leave it on for as long as you like before washing off with warm water. My skin felt incredibly soft after removing the facemask. Obviously, the facemasks are absolutely fresh so have a shelf-life of around 3 weeks.

The lovely Hollie also showed us the new lip scrubs from Lush. These are incredible – edible scrubs for dry and chapped lips! And they come in the most amazing flavours, including bubblegum and mint! Scrub them on and lip them off!

5. Cleaning and moisturising

Once the facemask is all off, now is the time to moisturise! I use Lush’s Vanishing Cream which is a low-fat moisturiser for oily skin. It smells faintly of lavendar and is absolutely beautiful on the skin. My skin can really be quite difficult to please but I’ve found this moisturiser perfect!

6. Look beautiful!

And here are all the ladies looking beautiful after making and using our wonderful facemask! Everyone had such a glowing, fresh skin afterwards and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! A perfect pampering hen party for any Lush loving bride to be!