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A big hello to old & new readers! Breaking my silence again after a bit of a blogging break!

Not that I’ve really got five minutes spare – in fact, I should be marking books, but that will have to wait. For I feel I have a lot to say tonight and I’m striking while the iron’s hot!

Today has been one of those days when an old debate springs up and sends your inner philosopher into overdrive. The older I get, the more I realise:

1) I’m usually right the first time

2) My husband is more often right than me (but don’t tell him I said that)

I tend to go full circle when it comes to my thinking. I wonder whether this is a common trait with people or if I’m just indecisive. My first hunch is usually the right one. My first impressions about people are normally right. But then I question myself, thinking others are right, have thought things through better than me and that I must stop being so spontaneous about everything. But actually, I come back to my original view and have to just accept one thing: people will always disagree, people will always see things in a completely different way and, actually, it doesn’t make someone right or wrong, it just makes them different.

So, wandering off track slightly, here is my thought of today:

“Should a wedding be led by fashion?”

Now I’ve never considered myself “Fashion-forward”. In fact, I HATE that term. In addition, having spent a few moments in Topshop yesterday, I realised that I’m now too old for that particular store, for I remember the late 80s the first time round and actually have NO inclination to dress like I did when I was 10. So either I have no taste, or I don’t follow fashion. But are the two things interchangeable? Is it OK NOT to follow fashion and, if not, how can your wedding be featured on a blog (shock horror!)

I like to think that I have my own sense of style and know what looks good on me. I guess it must be somehow unique as people often say “Oh, that’s SO YOU!”. (I never really know whether this is a compliment or not?). But actually, I realised WHY I don’t follow fashion and why I’ve bucked the trend time and time again. I DON’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO! I’ve never been any good at it. I’ve always struggled with forming my own opinion then not being able to keep my mouth shut but to reveal it (and then instantly regret it!). But, not today! Because this time, I’m standing my ground!

Fashion is transitory. Taste is individual. Quality is everything. Classic will never age.

This is why I will never shop at Primark. I don’t want to wear a uniform, or I’d work at a supermarket. This is why I despise Tesco. In fact, their new advert says it all “Don’t be different…..be like everyone else”. NO, NO, NO! And certainly NOT for your wedding day, when it should ALL be about YOU! Of course there will be suppliers who tick certain boxes, who fit your style but please don’t feel you need to follow trends. Because, if you do, dear readers, you could end up with photos like this: