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Well, it’s not long now until that iconic novel is retold on the silver screen and, boy, has it caused a stir in the fashion world! Fashion and the wedding industry are seeing a huge trend for a 20s inspired look and today we’re proud to be sharing just that with you in the shape of another great guest post!

Over to Ralph Cohen to give us the low down on how to rock the Gatsby look:

“A Modern Take on the Great Gatsby Look”

With Baz Lurhmann’s glossy big screen adaptation of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel the Great Gatsby out this month, we’re all going a bit mad from the 20s. 

Loosened clothing (and morals), flowing champagne, energetic dancing and lots of sparkly things – what’s not to love? Get ready ladies, the roaring 20s are heading your way. Here’s how to nail the look… 

The clothes

Women started to demand a lot more freedoms in the 20’s: the suffragette movement gained momentum, women finally won the right to vote and started to work alongside men. The modern women who lived for nothing more than dancing, smoking and generally having a ball were known as flappers, and their style has inspired designers and fashionistas for decades after. 

These freedoms could be seen in the clothes they wore: corsets were chucked out, hemlines rose and waistlines dropped to make women feel freer in their clothes. About time, too. 

There was also a whole lot of money around pre-Wall Street Crash, so clothes were opulent and glitzy. Think lots of beading, embroidery, pattern, sequins, fur and tassels (which also happen to look fantastic on the dancefloor). This embroidered Tory Burch print skirt hits just the right note. 

The shoes

The dance of the 20s was the heart-pumping, rip-roaring Charleston. Flappers and the jazz-loving Bright Young Things of the day would shimmy their way around the dancefloor to this energetic dance, and needed some glamorous yet dainty shoes to do it in. 

For the perfect shoe, choose one with a chunkier French (also known as Louis) heel with a t-bar buckle. Those 20s gals sure had their priorities right. 

Get the look: The Great Gatsby


The hair

The classic bob was the archetypal hairstyle of the 20s. But rather than the longer, choppier bobs we see these days, women in the 20s wore their bobs blunt with a wave through it and the fell just below their ears.

If you’re not daring enough to lop off all your hair, it’s easy to fake it with a few bobby pins, just follow this fab video tutorial

The accessories

No 20s look would be complete without a splattering of accessories inspired by the era: go for long strands of pearls, scarves and elegant little clutches with lots of sparkle (we love Lanvin’s mustard box clutch with gold beading) . And never be without a whisky cocktail or a champagne saucer in your hand. 

The make-up

The first ever lipstick was invented in 1925, followed by some of the first mascaras. Deep red Cupid’s bow lips were all the rage as women started to play around with dramatic evening looks. To achieve the effect, you’ll need a sharp lip pencil to create a defined line, filling it in with a matching lippie. 

To get an authentic look, you’ll need to keep your brows thin and super-groomed, so arm yourself with a good pair of tweezers, an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow pencil for definition and the perfect arch.

Eye makeup was dramatic, so line them with dark kohl and apply a black mascara to both your top and bottom sets of lashes. 

20’s style inspiration

Carrie Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan looks divine in her 20s costumes. But if you’re looking to model yourself on a stylish flapper from the period, have a look at what It girls Clara Bow and Louise Brooks wore and channel some of their glamour and sultriness. 

Ralph Cohen is a freelance writer obsessed with vintage fashion, especially if it’s from the 1920’s – 1970’s. He also has a passion for movie classics and old Hollywood glamour.