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Hello, business owners! Today’s business post is all about Facebook. I’ve read so many posts on the fabulous social media monster recently about how businesses are struggling to be seen. I’ve also heard a LOT of people moaning about how only 30 people have “seen” their latest post etc. etc. Let’s just remember that most of us wouldn’t have been able to start a business without Facebook allowing us FREE advertising for so long. It’s no surprise that they are now starting to charge. However, if your posts aren’t being seen, you need to do something about WHY people aren’t engaging with your page.

There is a lot of debate about what type of post gets seen these days. Is a text status better than an image status? Is it better to post at 8am or 10pm? After having had a play around with my Facebook pages over the last few weeks, looking at really successful pages and reading oodles of online advice from various pros, I’ve come to pick up some interesting little pearls of wisdom, which I hope you will find valuable too!


To make it simple, I’ve decided to break it down into Dos and Don’ts. Please note, these are only things I have noticed and have worked for me. Please don’t try to sue me if they don’t work for you – every business & every page is unique and different strategies will work better for different people.


  • What you want is for people to SHARE your status. So, ask yourself – “Would I share this?” Is it interesting, informative or exciting enough for people to both to hit “like” or “share’?
  • Keep your page updated regularly and change what you post. The new timeline layout means that a very text heavy page can look extremely overwhelming when viewed as one page. Break it up with images, either of your products or something related to them.
  • Schedule your posts if you are busy! You can now schedule all of your Facebook status updates and this is a great idea if you know you are going to be away from your computer for a few days. People soon forget!
  • Keep text statuses as brief as you can & make them conversational. Asking a question is a great way to engage your readers, and that’s what Facebook is ALL about!
  • Think about timings. If you are a business to consumer company, the chances are your customers are at work during the day so you would be better off posting early in the morning (to catch commuters browsing their tablets) and in the evenings when people are sat in front of the TV. For me, I find Facebook gets busiest around 8pm.
  • Choose pictures which stand out! Facebook runs primarily in blue so choose images which are mainly red or orange in colour. When people are trawling a newsfeed, they will instantly be drawn to your image.
  • Link your other social media platforms into Facebook. Your Twitter & Pinterest can easily be linked to Facebook and will keep your updates fresh and interesting.
  • Use the Facebook insights page! This provides invaluable information into who is engaging with your page and what types of posts have had the greatest reach.



  • Beg for “likes” – think about WHY you want more likes. You may get 10 new likes from people doing as you ask, but if they’re not interested in what you are doing, they are pretty pointless. 500 genuine likes from people engaging in your page are much more useful than 1,000 browsers.
  • Bother with Facebook ladders. Again, think about why you want the likes. Yes, you might get 20 new likes from a ladder but those 20 people will probably unlike you within a couple of months because they’re not interested! I’ve done this myself and found my wall clogged up with pages I have no interest in so have just left them again. Pointless.
  • Use terrible images. It always upsets me when I see a page selling a product and have photos which look as though they’ve been taken by a four year old. Set up a space you will use regularly for photos and invest in a camera!
  • Be lazy with your spelling/grammar. OK, I know I’m a stickler for these things, but other professionals I talk to say the same. Constant spelling mistakes or badly written statuses DO put people off! You want your business to look professional so make sure it does! If you struggle with this, get a friend to check your text just to be sure.


I hope that’s been of some help for running your Facebook pages! Please feel free to comment with other tips I may have omitted and let me know how you get on!