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Hmmm…what prompted this post? Not one particular thing. Not necessarily one person or one comment but a build up of observations over the last year or two about building a business and the ladders you climb on the way.

In all my different roles in so many different jobs, I have always thought this quote so pertinent:

be nice

I’ve always found it so cringey when people don’t follow this advice. When they get too big for their boots or start to act as though they “own” a particular idea, industry or notion. Maybe I’ve never got high enough in a particular position of authority to feel like I’m looking down on people, but I sure hope that if I did, I wouldn’t forget this advice.

Since starting my businesses in 2011, I have met some amazingly warm, helpful, welcoming people. They have advised me, guided me, invested money & trust in me and my products and treated me with respect and professionalism at all times. But I see others (mostly who I haven’t dealt with in real life) who appear to really be “too cool for school”. Whether it’s because I’m not influential enough or “in” with the right people, I don’t know. But occasionally, it is a little like being back in the playground.

I think everyone deserves a chance. Regardless of how many Twitter followers someone has, how many “connected” people they’re friends with, whether they can be good for my business, I would always give people the time of day, say hello & actually say “thank you” or “well done” when it’s warranted. For others, it seems, it sticks in their throats. They just can’t bring themselves to do it. Some other people I’ve witnessed just think they’re too cool for school. Personally, I’m now getting to the age where using the word “cool” is sounding pretty uncool. I’ve also always thought that people who bang on about being “cool” totally aren’t because they have to tell everyone. I saw this video recently of Patti Smith (she’s cool, in case you didn’t know) and I was thrilled to hear that she shares this idea. If you only want to hang with the cool kids, who’s gonna care? What will you missing out on while you’re busy ignoring those terribly “uncool” upcoming people who might, just might, be totally awesome.


Someone said to me recently “The highest people are usually the nicest because that’s how they got there.” I really do hope that’s true. I hope it’s not the case that the nice guy finishes last.