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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful box of delicious smelling goodies from the lovely Lynne of Essex Soap Box. Not only do they have an amazing name, I’ve long admired their beautiful soaps, scrubs & bath bombs and finally thought it was about time I tried them!

Soapbox box


inside box

Inside, was a lovely bundle of their fabulous handmade products including their gorgeous rose bath melt and bomb, cinnamon & rosebud bubble bath, triple invigorator footscrub & the honeycomb soap bar. I dutifully skipped off to the bathroom & ran a bath (in fact, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had more baths than ever, I think!) and tried out the Real Rose Bath Melt first!

bath melt copy


This melted easily into the water & left a lovely rose scented oil to soak in. Far from being the scent of grannies, rose flavoured products have become fashionable again and it’s easy to see why! The delicate nature of rose oil means it’s calming and gentle yet luxurious and this bath melt leaves your skin with a gorgeous smooth and moisturised feeling afterwards. This is a real indulgence of a bath product and something you’d definitely need to savour with a good long soak and possibly glass of wine after a long day!



Sticking with the rose products, the bath bomb was beautiful. Obviously drier than the bath melt, it’s very delicate in scent and evaporates beautifully into the water. It feels silky and smooth on the skin and is a lovely alternative to an oily bath product.

I LOVE the Invigorating Triple Essential Oil Foot scrub! The peppermint & lavender scents are perfect for the feet and it leaves a real clean tingle to your skin. With tea tree oil in the crystals too, it really does feel cleansing and refreshing on those tootsies!



I have to admit, I’m a bit of a bubble girl. I also opt for bubbles when treating myself to a new bath product and this gorgeously PINK bubble bath does not disappoint! Unlike cheap, harsh bubble baths, it has a much more delicate scent but creates a HUGE amount of bubbles when poured under running water. This is a truly luxurious bubble bath for those who love to give yourself a bubble beard in the bath (or is that just me?)




I’ve saved the honey soap bar til last and there’s a reason why. I’m totally converted. I NEVER usually use soap as I’m prone to stinging eyes and that horrible tight feeling after using most shop-bought bars. But this? Well, after using it both in the bath & shower, I am totally in love with how this soap smells and feels. There’s no drying out and no stinging eyes at all. It feels delicate and kind to the skin while the honey has a real cleansing side to it. I reluctantly even used it on my face expecting that tight feeling afterwards but it just didn’t happen! My skin actually feels softer after using this soap and I will definitely be continuing to use it.

I’ve always been impressed with the presentation and ethos behind Essex Soap Box’s products but now I can totally appreciate just how fabulous these products are. What can be better than indulging in handmade products, free of horrible preservatives. And these aren’t all that’s on offer – there are lots & lots of funky products to choose from over on their website. I can’t recommend them enough to everyone and will ordering more VERY soon!

Take a look at the other amazing products from Essex Soap Box over on their website here: