I was looking back at some old Retro Brides post & this has always been one of my favourites! Hope you enjoy it too!

Retro Birds

Music was immensely important at our wedding. There was no way we were having a wedding DJ after my brother’s experience – after spending considerable time explaning to the DJ that he wanted absolutely NO chart music and giving a few suggestions of Beatles tracks, we ended up dancing to a Stars on 45 remix!

So, to our trusty friends – luckily not only is one a DJ himself, our best man is the very talented Ceephax Acid Crew (bit of name-dropping there!)

 And when he got a little bit worse for wear and disappeared for a little nap, we had our back-up plan: an iPod packed with fabulous tracks chosen by ourselves! OK, so a little technical difficulty meant it happened to run out after six or so hours, but hey, we enjoyed it while it lasted!!

When it came to the first dance, we had more of a…

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