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Just lately, my husband and I have become obsessed with our little bedtime routine. Snuggle down early and watch one of eagerly awaited arrivals from Love Film. Or maybe a zombie movie, depending on what his friend has recently lent us.

Sometimes we work our way through old box sets we haven’t seen for a while. I loved re-watching Nighty Night a few months back & then The Killing 2 when we ran out of films one week. Then there was our Tarantino/Rodriguez phase – Planet Terror & Deathproof being our ultimate favourites. About a year ago, we watched both series of Catweazle! After being completed disinterested when my husband first insisted on this trip down memory lane, I became hooked & blubbed like a baby at the last episode. Seriously, if you didn’t watch this as a kid; watch it as an adult.


But our 60s film obsession is something we return to again & again. Starting with the more obvious cult classics, we’ve worked our way through a veritable feast of swinging 60s stories, from Blow Up to Twisted Nerve (which, incidentally, is seriously amazing and features that annoying whistling tune from Kill Bill).


So, to celebrate our current 60s film phase, I thought I’d run a little movie giveaway! Today’s offering is a copy of the wonderful Up the Junction, featuring a dashing Dennis Waterman & very young Maureen Lipman.


So, how can you get your mitts on it? I’ll tell you how….

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Easy right? Please make sure you do all three to be entered!

Good luck! x