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…not my husband and I. Me & Twitter.

Now I feel a fool, as a little while back, I wrote a post exclaiming that Twitter was the best thing since sliced bread. And, to some extent, I still think it is! However, there’s a point we all have to reach with social media & choice is the key.

Don’t get me wrong, when I started my business, Twitter was an absolutely life-saver for me. I quickly noticed the ‘right’ people to follow, the best people to engage with and how to use “hours” to generate followers. However, as much as I LOVED meeting other wedding suppliers, journalists and new friends, I had to acknowledge that it was taking over precious time with my husband & “real-life” buddies.

As the instigator of “Vintagehour” and “Vintagewedhour”, the crazy 60 minutes of frantically interacting with people via Twitter was exciting & important to me. It was also exhilarating to see my followers number increase day by day up to over 3,000. But, eventually, it became too burdensome. Ensuring I would be available to run these hours two nights a week might not sound like a huge feat but when it’s in the middle of the evening, when I really should be out socialising with friends or just enjoying chatting to my husband or family, it can become a chore. And when something becomes a chore, it probably isn’t going to be something you exude joy to others!

And, as a business woman, I continually look at tasks that take up a lot of time vs their value to my business. Twitter has been fantastic for my business, but engaging with brides on Twitter is tough. I’ve found that Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are much more successful for catching customers’ attention – it seems brides NEED pictures. They need visuals and Twitter just wasn’t doing it for me when interacting with brides.

I’d be really interested to hear from other wedding professionals about what their experiences with Twitter. For me, I’ll continue to use it as much as I can but also be strict with myself and remember what works best for my business. I’m pretty sure this is a trial separation……but we’ll see.