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Hello & welcome to Retro Birds! Where shall I start? How about the name?

Retro Birds comes from a misreading of my old wedding blog – Retro Brides. I liked it. It made me laugh. For a blog discussing modern women’s issues for those who love vintage, I found it rather fitting.


So, you’ve probably worked out that one of my other “hats” is weddings. It’s an amazing industry and I’m delighted & honoured to be involved in it. I run three wedding related businesses: Calamitea Jane’s Vintage Tea Parties, Essex Vintage Wedding Fair & A Vintage Wedding Guide. I have built these businesses over the last 16 months with help from wonderful friends, family and, of course, my amazing husband. Starting with nothing but a set of vintage china, I have established strong links with the most amazing people in the world of weddings and I love connecting people. I now offer PR, social media and business advice to others too! If you would like to know more about this aspect of me, please get in touch! karenwhybro@gmail.com

I’m often asked how I manage everything I do. I have three secret weapons:

  • A husband who does everything around the house (pretty much)
  • A mother who will work for free (because she’s amazing)
  • No children (yet)

Retro Birds

But as someone who has now been married nearly two years, I wanted (no, needed) a platform to write about other things. My posts are mainly about issues close to my heart – vintage lifestyles, women’s issues and, as an ex-teacher, a lot of education and politics. Forging the way for women to discuss our modern lifestyles without having to be dominated by fashion or crafting, Retro Birds offers a platform to discuss, debate, inform & support. I hope you love it.


2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. love the website

    please take alook at our facebook http://www.facebook.com/thevanityboxpage?ref=tn_tnmn#!/thevanityboxpage

  2. Great blog 🙂

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